About Us

Warmly welcoming our clients

Our Vision

To become a trusted advisor by facilitating successful business ventures and navigating through bureaucratic obstacles, establishing ourselves as a key participant of entrepreneurial initiatives.

Our Mission

To provide added value business propositions and all-around professional customer services to High-Net-Worth Individuals and investors by leveraging our extended network of partner relationships and business resources.

Our Values

The qualified team at HALIOS CAPITAL focuses on maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards and codes of conduct, building and sustaining trusted long-term relationships.

Integrity, Confidentiality, Professionalism, Commitment & Passion. These are our team’s key drivers that ensure we always deliver the best service to our clients.

President & CEO


We pride ourselves on being one of the strongest tax advisory teams in Cyprus, capitalising on over 25 years of relevant experience within the public and private sector. Our team examines, tailors and recommends the most optimal tax mitigation solutions for our clients’ businesses as a means to offer enhanced profitability, investment security, capital and operational utilisation.

At HALIOS CAPITAL we attribute our progress and client support to the talent, strength and resilience of our staff.

I feel privileged to head an organization as diverse as ours and I am proud of the accomplishments of our people. I am confident that our firm will continue to be propelled by the tenacity and innovation of our team and will persist in delivering business growth and prime returns in the years ahead.

Leveraging on the diverse skill set of our people, we share a vision of and commitment to excellent customer service with the aim of becoming a trusted local and international advisor.

Meet my Team

Demetrios G. Halios is a member of: